Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Miss A Aniplace Cosmetic Pictures

Miss A endorsement pics for Aniplace cosmetics.

Miss A Aniplace cosmetics

Not only is Korean Pop Group miss A is a group with extremely talented performers, but if you have already notice it, they are incredibly beautiful and nice looking too! To Be compliments of the group that appearing on variety shows, endorsing products, or Suzy’s fresh-faced look on Dream High, they have certainly get the attention of male fans and also envy of some female fans.

It’s only natural that due to their beauty and photogenic looks that miss A would be chosen to endorse products, and most specifically, cosmetics. Enter their endorsement of Aniplace products. And are you surprised at how amazing they look using the products? And now OGILVY STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY already release photo shoot of miss A’s for ANI PLACE, meanwhile the cosmetics brand’s website updates with photos of the girls on all page and all four girls looking stunning.

The online store of miss A’s first cosmetics make endorsement On January 3rd. Aniplace, was revamped with promotional photos of the girls and it seems that now have officially launched. Besides selling their products, the site currently has a PR Gallery with print ads of the girls and in the future it is look like it will be updated with their commercials and behind the scenes footage.

A staff member on set of the shoot commented, “Suzy’s facial expressions and her ability to express emotions have gotten more confident and varied. Maybe it’s a result of her stint on Dream High.”
Suzy commented, “It was fun because I got to try out various makeup looks that I haven’t been able to wear before. I really love the pink lipstick, which makes me feel happy.”

Check out the picture of the four beautiful ladies that will definitely put a smile in your face on the promotional photos next page!

Miss A Aniplace cosmetics

Miss A Aniplace cosmetics

Miss A Aniplace cosmetics

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